Design, construction, arrangement

Customized stand on OCTANORM structure

The OCTANORM structure is a very reliable system, adaptable both to the plastic-volumetric concept of various construction types and to the most varied activities that are to take place in the stand area.

It is the ideal structure for exhibiting small and medium items - it can take various shapes - window, podiums, desks, shelves an it can be customized for activities that require compartmentalization (sales, protocol, storage etc)

2 - levels overlapped stands can be made by using these extruded profiles, made-up of pillars, beams, diagonals and chrome brackets. Compartmentalization and the ground-floor/1st floor set-up can be made with standard exhibiting structures

Customization (by using graphic treatment of the exhibited surfaces) can be made by applying printed, laminated or back strip self-adhesives


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