ROMEXPO S.A. is currently the leader of the Romanian fair and exhibition industry.

But, before this …

In 1959, the Bucharest administrative authority decides to build and exhibition center, in response to the accelerating economic growth and as a result of the international business relations. The exhibition center was to be built by using avant-garde architecture solutions. Thus, in 1960 the blueprints for pavilion 1 of the central cupola are elaborated.

In April 1962 the center is inaugurated during a congress attended by 11,000 persons. The pavilion architecture is among the most modern in Europe and it has become one of nowadays Bucharest’s symbols.

The Exhibition Office under the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is established in 1963 and in 1968 it becomes the Fair and Exhibition Enterprise, specialized in exhibitions in the whole country and is the official representative of Romania at the fairs from abroad the country.

In December 1991, the Fair and Exhibition Enterprise becomes ROMEXPO S.A., a share company with private capital, with the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the main shareholder.

In 1990 a strategic program for the diversification of the event structure is implemented and thus, from a single event each year, Romexpo S.A. organizes nowadays more than 40 fairs, exhibitions, and commercial events.

Ever since its establishment (1991), the company has been focusing on three strategies modernization, diversification, specialization.

The company enjoys international recognition and it is an active member of specialized organizations such as UFI (the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry), since 1993 – the most important organization in the world in this area, as well as of CEFA (Central European Fair Alliance), since 2003.

In 2004, ROMEXPO becomes a member of CENTREX – the International Exhibition Statistics Union and in 2007 member of EURASCO – The European Federation of Agricultural Exhibition and Show Organizers.